Thierry Abel

Thierry has built his career on a client education and coaching approach, focusing on various financial strategies. With a deep understanding of the significance of buying a home, Thierry has spent the past 20 years helping home buyers confidently navigate this important life decision. Thierry takes pride in personalizing his approach to each client’s unique situation, ensuring that their goals are met with the best mortgage program available. He understands that every buyer or homeowner has specific needs and circumstances, and he is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that fit their requirements. Outside of his professional life, Thierry resides in Mill Valley with his wife Leslie and their two daughters, Emilie and Charlotte. He values spending quality time with his loved ones and enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and engaging in outdoor activities such as paddleboarding out in the ocean. If you’re seeking an experienced and knowledgeable real estate financing professional who will guide you through the home buying/refinancing process and support you in achieving your goals, Thierry is ready to assist you. Contact him today to start your journey.