Looking to Join a Team that maximizes your capabilities?

The platform at Xpert Home Lending was created with a sole focus: enabling great loan officers to maximize their potential.

Our culture is built around a mindset of continuous improvement. We believe that the companies and loan officers that thrive are the ones that know “good” is just not good enough.

A Loan Officer that thrives at Xpert Home Lending desires Control:

  • Control of your process
  • Control of your income
  • Control of your career


Control of your Process:

  • Create and send disclosures to borrowers in minutes.
  • Choose the level of support staff you have around you. Get a processor or Loan Officer Assistant, or process the files yourself.
  • Leverage industry-leading technology and LOS systems to streamline your workflows and spend your time generating business.
  • Xpert is a top 10 partner at UWM, earning us a Diamond Account status, and the fastest turn times in the industry.
  • Get cleared to close as fast as anyone in the industry and sell your control, communication, speed and efficiency to referral partners.
  • Choose between 90+ wholesale lenders, always allowing you to find the perfect program for even the most niche situations, including commercial lending.

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Control of your income:

  • Our corporate team focuses on efficiency and avoids bloated rate sheets, which helps us provide industry-best compensation.
  • Your existing book of business is immediately worth MORE money to you when you decide to join the Xpert Home Lending team.
  • Build your business around your lead sources. Whether you buy leads, run ads, generate business from agent referrals, or any other method, our platform allows you to tailor your strategy specifically for YOUR business, not someone else’s.
  • Get access to over 3500 bps a year worth of pricing incentives above and beyond the already extremely competitive rates.
  • Build a team of Loan Officers or a referral network and generate uncapped residual income.

Control of your Career:

  • Operate as a DBA. Build and control YOUR brand.
  • Work as much or as little as you want to achieve your own Work Life Harmony.
  • Control your schedule and work the times you want.
  • Get access to paid in-person training at our partners’ headquarters with a robust list of class topics that are sure to improve even the most seasoned Loan Officer.
  • Flex your entrepreneurial muscle with the ability to run your business the way you always wanted, not the way a micromanaging company told you to run it.
  • Licensed in 40 states, enabling you to grow your business beyond your local market.

Our business is designed to strengthen YOUR business. We are "all in" on YOU. If you're "all in" on You, find out what you're missing.